donderdag 5 februari 2009

Am I becoming a baglady?

After taking care of my sick DS and DH I went last monday to a workshop to make this little sewing suitcase. It isn't finished yet, but I like it already very much. I also have new ideas to make a little suitcase for the daugther of my friend. A lot off plans but now time. Recently somebody called my a baglady and it made me smile, because it's true.

When I take this bag with me it's summertime, it has bright colours and I like it very much. But most of all the sun is shining when I take it with me. At this moment I'm longing to see and feel the sun again. Yesterday we had a little bit of snow and today it's raining and cold.

This bag I'm making for my friend. We bought the fabric last september so it's about time I finish it.

This is my first finish for february. It's the second block of the Country calender BOM. I'm making all the blocks in little quilts.

I saw this pillow and fell in love with it, isn't cute. She made a tutorial for it, so go to Don't look now. I put it on my long want-to-make-list.

A few months ago I joined the secret angel swap hosted by Helen from Hugs'n kisses. Some angels didn't recieve anything back. Also Kris didn't recieve anything from her angel, the package got lost in the mail. I decided to send something to Kris, a few days ago she recieved my package in the mail and she was very pleased with it.

This is what is send. Inside the needlemap are three pins with little roses on top.



5 opmerkingen:

marja zei

Hoi Marie-Joze, Wat mooi weer allemaal! Waar haal je de tijd vandaan!
Groetjes Marja

MooZ KaartenFabriekje zei

Wat een mooie dingen heb je weer gemaakt; je tas vind ik geweldig, je naaietui ook en dat kussen!!!!! Super!

groetjes, Monique

Sheri Howard zei

Thank you for visiting my blog,,,isn't this amazing how small the world has become because of the internet? I love your bags, and I love that pillow, thanks for the link. Happy Sewing!

Guute zei

Marie-Jozé, je hebt een prachtig blog. 'k Zal nog een beetje rondneuzen. Ik heb je nog een mailtje gestuurd!

Simone de Klerk zei

Je laat veel mooie dingen zien! Ik vind je CC BOM erg mooi geworden. en ook de tassen. De kleuren van de tweede vind ik erg mooi(O:
Leuke pin cushion voor Kris en weer zo'n schattig etuitje!
Fijne week (O: