zondag 4 januari 2009

This and that

I entered a new challenge, this challenge is hosted by May Britt and Kris. I have to finish one project every month which is on my to do list. If you want to know more click on the icon in the sidebar.

I want to finish these 2 bags this month. I hope I make it this month. My to do list is so long.

Sorry bad pitcure

To do list:

1. Finish 10 bags
2. Finish Leanne's house BOM
3. Finish Quilters blessings
4. Finish 3 pincushions.
5. Finish a bed quilt (2.50mx 2.50 m)
6. Finish a droomdekentje (this is a blanket for sick childeren, I'm making this with 2 quiltingfriends)
7. Make a wallet
8. Find 3 ladies who want to join my PIF.
9. Finish a present for the 3 ladies who joined my PIF.
10. Making something nice for my dear friend who will get a certain age.
11. Finish 2 stitchery from Tilda.
12. Finish a quilt with a Beagle
13. Make teh Faith, love and hope quilt designed by Mckenna Ryan
14. Make the Country calender bom. It's a free BOM, go over to her website it's really nice.

15. Make the Guute's designes Mystery 2009 Guute has a mystery BOM which she will place on her blog every 15th of the month. Go check it out.

I also joined several give away which is hosted by Debi, click on the snowflake in the sidebar, it will re-direct you to this blog. There are about 60 blogger who are hosting a give away.

Groetjes and happy Whisping


2 opmerkingen:

Cybele's patch zei

Fijn dat je weer op mijn blog kunt. Ik heb je een mailtje gestuurd en zag toen dat je op "no reply" staat. Vond helaas je oude mail niet meer terug.
Dat is een indrukwekkende lijst hierboven. Ben heel benieuwd wat er allemaal kan worden doorgestreept in de loop van dit jaar. Wel leuk om elkaar door deze groep extra te stimuleren.

Simone de Klerk zei

Mooie BOM van Guute! Bedankt voor de link. Ik weet niet of die dit jaar op mijn lijst komt. Wel leuk om er naar te kijken iedere maand.
Een fijne week!